Why save the grasslands?

Grasslands, prairies and savannahs historically covered a huge swatch of North America from the foothills of the Rocky Mountains stretching east into Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin. Characterized by relatively low levels of precipitation, grasslands are dominated by grasses and wildflowers punctuated by hardy, fire-resistant trees. Grasslands are typically divided into three types: shortgrass (think buffalograss and blue grama), tallgrass (Indian grass, big bluestem), and mixed grass (combinations of both). While shortgrass and mixed grass prairies can still be found throughout the Great Plains, tallgrass prairie has all but disappeared. Forn Illinois, a state that was historically over 60% tallgrass prairie, just 931 hectares remain.

Grasslands are important for their biodiversity and their ecosystem services. Many unique and charismatic species call the prairies home, including bison, prairie dogs, black-footed ferrets, pollinators, birds, and countless other reptiles, insects, amphibians, and mammals. Grasslands can more effectively sequester carbon dioxide than forests, and provide incredibly effective erosion control. The country found out what happens without prairies in the 1930s when most of the top soil in the Great Plains region blew away. We rely on prairies for myriad agricultural, ecological, and recreational experiences and it is vital that we work with local, state, and governments and private landowners to conserve and restore these incredible areas.

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Our Mission, and Yours

Grasslands Unlimited is focused on research and advocacy for these species and many more that inhabit the North American prairie.

Using every legal means at our disposal, we aim to preserve and restore the grasslands to their original majesty and ecological purpose.

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